Leaked Video of Android’s Upcomming OS ‘Rosie’

May 21, 2009 at 4:54 pm

Cupcake was the hoped 1.5 update of Android, and G1 owners were nearly desperate to get hands on it. But this video might be a ray of hope for them, they must wait for Rosie now, instead of Cupcake.

Android community has come up with this video of ‘Rosie’ which according to them is the leaked demonstration of Android’s upcoming OS called ‘Rosie’. At first I thought that it would be a fake thing but after watching the video my view changed. The screen demonstration and drag/drop of widgets seems very realistic.

It not clear yet that  ‘Rosie’ will come up with some real improvements to the Android OS or its just about a few visual enhancements.

And yes, it is not just a theme because the drag and drop of widgets in this video as far different and better than the current version of Android OS.

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