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GUI Based Wi-Fi Tethering Now Possible on Motorola Droid

December 23, 2009 at 12:12 am
Motorola Droid - Credit: Grand Productions on flickr

Motorola Droid - Credit: Grand Productions on flickr

As you all Droid users already know that your lovely Droid does all that iDon’t! But it fails in its claim when it come to tethering. Should I call it “Droid Don’t”? ;)

Well, some folks out there had already made USB tethering possible but now GUI based wi-fi tethering has also been made possible. This technique does not require you to run shell commands for everyday use. You can operate wi-fi tethering right from the GUI. A user ‘webacoustics’ on has successfully built a custom image of Android firmware 2.0.1 for Motorola Droid with the help of Android wi-fi Tether project to make it possible. But you have to root your Motorola Droid and install a custom kernel as well as a custom recovery image to get it working. If you are willing to get it working – who won’t! – then follow the complete guide provided at DroidForums.

[via DroidForums]

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