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ASUS To Launch a Tablet Computer Called “Eee Pad”

January 27, 2010 at 9:26 pm

ASUS LogoThere are just a few hours to the launch of Apple tablet and the rivals keeps on appearing. We have already seen and liked HP’s tablet and now we have ASUS jumping into the game. When asked about a tablet computer in an interview, Eric Chin VP of ASUS confirmed:

“A slate? Yes, sure. We have the Eee Pad. Which right now is still under development. Basically, it will have an ARM CPU and a 3G connection so you are always connected to the internet, so just like with the Eee Book you are always connected. And you can choose to play video or something, when you like. Now the key is how to combine the content together. That will be the key. We have studied how people will want to connect to their content and also how they want to interact with the user interface (UI). You look at the iPhone, for example. The reason the iPhone is so successful – and call quality is really not that good – is the UI function, I think, is just the best. So this is also the way that we need to improve.”

We don’t know anything about the specs yet but I can’t wait to see if it rivals HP’s tablet. Don’t even think about Apple ASUS!

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