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Microsoft Renames ‘Project Natal’ as ‘Kinect for Xbox 360′

June 14, 2010 at 9:08 am
Microsoft Kinect a.k.a Project Natal

Microsoft Kinect a.k.a Project Natal

The much hyped innovation from Microsoft has been making all of the gamers to drool  for its release. Yes, Project Natal is something, everybody has been desperately waiting for. There had been a lot of stuff known including demo videos but no release date or price was known.

No hopes please! None of them are still unveiled. You’ve got just tiny little piece of news. ‘Project Natal’ was a code name for Microsoft’s gesture based, controller free gaming. This name is no more. Now onwards, we will know ‘Project Natal’ as ‘Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360′. Makes sense? Relate it to ‘kinetic’ and you’d know why it is called ‘kinect’. Well, that’s not important. Is it?

Rumor round up! Well, all we know about Project Natal err… Kinect, for now is that it is going to cost about $150 and might be released in October.

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