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Another Clue on CDMA iPhone 4; Will Head to Sprint?

June 18, 2010 at 12:00 am
iPhone 4 headed to Sprint?

iPhone 4 headed to Sprint?

DigiTimes reports that Pegatron – manufacturer of ASUS’ gadgets – has received orders from Apple to start manufacturing CDMA iPhone 4!

We have had a lot of rumors in this regard. Steve Jobs himself admired at D8 that supporting an additional carrier for iPhone could possibly solve the call drop issues but he didn’t go into any further details. Whether or not an additional carrier will be supported and which one it can possibly be? “I can’t comment on that you know”.

Despite all of these rumors and clues, Verizon officially told us that there was no chance of any Apple gadget on Verizon in the near future. You can watch the Verizon spokes person’s interview again:


So, a CDMA iPhone 4 and not  on Verizon! What other options do we have? Sprint, obviously! There’s no other option! Let us assume for a moment that DigiTimes’ report is correct, then we can dream a CDMA iPhone 4 on Sprint – for only a moment though!

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