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Samsung Galaxy Q is Going to be a Blackberry Style QWERTY Phone

June 19, 2010 at 3:44 pm

Android is changing the fate of many near-to-death smartphone manufacturers. First Motorola got back to life with Android, then Sony Ericsson and now Samsung is rocking with cool Android phones. Samsung’s Galaxy S has already made gadget lovers drool with its amazing AMOLED screen. Unfortunately it is not out yet but from the videos and pictures posted on the web, Galaxy S’ screen looks ever sharper than iPhone 4′s retina display.

Samsung is calling Galaxy S as their iPhone killer. I am sure it is not, but it has really provided a nice display. With Froyo it could have another feature competing head to head with the iPhone. We’d know the release date of Galaxy S soon but for now we have Samsung’s another ‘killer’.

This time it is not the iPhone killer, it is being marketed as the ‘Backberry Killer’. Come on Samsung, why are you guys bent on killing the world? This new phone is going to be called ‘Samsung Galaxy Q’ and will feature a QWERTY keyboard in a one-unit form factor. Got it? Yep, just like traditional Backberrys having an on board keyboard instead of a virtual or a slide-out one.

Galaxy Q will have Android on board and the screen will be a touch sensitive one. It is not yet clear if it’d be an AMOLED or not. Since we have no further details available yet – no specs, no pricing and no renderings – and it is coming out by the end of next year, we can have Froyo.

What it’d look like by the way? Like this:?

Samsung Galaxy QWell, we’d see.

[KoreaTimes via PhAndroid]

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