Verizon to Carry iPhone 4 in January?

June 30, 2010 at 2:02 am
iPhone 4

iPhone 4

Here comes Bloomberg claiming to have insight information about Verizon iPhone 4. According to the newspaper, two unknown people familiar with the matter told’em that Verizon will start offering iPhone 4 in January 2011. None of the companies – Verizon or Apple – commented on the matter. Obviously, no one “comments on rumors and speculation”.

This whole iPhone 4 carrier saga is getting complex. At D8 Steve Jobs admired that offering iPhone from an additional carrier in the US could solve issues. He didn’t go any further, though. We have had a lot of rumors about Verizon carrying the iPhone including many reliable resource. The last one was about Pegatron manufacturing CDMA iPhones.

If we completely ignore this Verizon spokesperson, only then we would be able to look forward to a Verizon iPhone. And it will most probably be a CDMA iPhone!


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