Best tumblr App for Android?

July 28, 2010 at 3:40 am

Tumblr Logo

I have been looking around for a good tumblr app for Android unless I came across ‘tumblroid’. Tumblroid has an awesome interface, just like tumblr’s web interface. If you don’t have a good theme installed, tumblroid will make faces to your tumblr. I am sure, you’d hate your tumblr theme after playing with it for some time.



Tumblroid allows you to view dashboard and post from the app. The icons, colors used and other interface elements are made with the same accuracy as the tumlr itself. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect in this world. So is tumblroid. I face a few issues with it. The top one is that it is too slow in loading stuff. Does post quickly though. It also crashes at times and might discard all of your data.

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