Warning! T-Mobile G2 Has Got Multiple Issues

October 2, 2010 at 12:51 am

Much awaited G2 is already making to the doorsteps of lucky guys. But some of them don’t actually find themselves very much lucky. Guess why?

Well, some of the smart guys out there wanted to explore each and everything on their new G2s and to their disappointment everything wasn’t perfect. Some G2 owners are complaining about some issues with their phones.

1. The first and the most annoying one is that T-Mobile G2 doesn’t have the promised 4GB on-board memory. That’s what a senior member over at XDA just observed. If you go  through the whole thread, you’ll start beleiving him. There’s a debate if the internal storage is reserved or something but you can’t actually use it. So it is not there for the user.

The same problem is also becoming a hot discussion topic on T-Mobile support forums.

2. Trackball surrounded notification light flashes so slow that some users think that it doesn’t actually flash at all!

3. One user’s G2 rebooted without his consent! The same problem which some HTC Desire owners experience with their phones once they are a few months old. (I am one of them.)

Update 1:

4. Some users have their phones with loose hinges. Ouch!

Update 2:

5. Camera flash cause the pictures to wash out! (1), (2)

We are keeping a close eye on G2 owners. If we get to know any other issues, we’ll update this post so keep coming back. Please don’t forget to follow us on twitter. You can also get updates via email.

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