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How To: Root myTouch 4G in 10 Minutes

November 10, 2010 at 11:55 pm

Just like T-Mobile G2, Android hackers out there have been having problems in rooting myTouch 4G. But now that T-Mobile G2 has got the permaroot, myTouch 4G has got one too!

The permanent root on myTouch 4G is possible using Paul’s little app called ‘VISIONary’. So here’s our guide on rooting your myTouch 4G in just 5 minutes. Well, it may take a little longer. Make it 5+5 minutes.

Let’s start! But wait! like always we are not responsible if you end up bricking your phone. Do it on your own risk! Now let’s move on!

1. Download the latest ‘VISIONary’ version from Paul’s site and install it.
2. Download ‘hboot_dhd.nb0′, ‘md5sums.txt’ and ‘wpx.ko’ from this thread on XDA.
3. Run ‘VISIONary’ on your myTouch 4G.
4. You need to push the two files ‘hboot_dhd.nb0′ and ‘wpx.ko’ you downloaded:

adb push wpx.ko /data/local
adb push hboot_dhd.nb0 /data/local

5. Open up a terminal on the phone or through adb shell and gain root (su + enter).
6. Run the following command on the terminal window to get the “function not implemented” error message:

insmod /data/local/wpx.ko

7. Now run the most dangerous command. After running it, you’ll either have a brick in front of you or a safe just-near-to-rooted myTouch 4G. Run it at your own risk:

dd if=/data/local/hboot_dhd.nb0 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18

8. Close the terminal.
9. Run ‘VISIONary’. Yah, you need to run it again.
10. Start the terminal window again and run the following command:


11. Reboot once the sync is complete.
12. Run ‘VISIONary’ once again.
13. Uninstall ‘VISIONary’.
14. You have your myTouch 4G rooted permanently! Have a great rooted life!

If you are having problems, discuss them in the comments below and let us know how was your rooting experience with your myTouch 4G.

Update:Now you can use VISIONary to root it. Simple dimple!


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