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Android Market 2.2.7 Gets a Red Colored Theme

December 29, 2010 at 10:21 pm

Google has definitely done a cool job with the latest Android market 2.2.7. But since the launch, I had a feeling that the green color isn’t the best thing possible with this new design. The design seemed to be lacking something. I wanted some different color combination at least. The previous grey one was a lot better.

Red Theme for Android Market 2.2.7

Red Theme for Android Market 2.2.7

An XDA user seems to have a similar feeling so he changed the colors of the Android Market 2.2.7 from green to red. Yet It’s not something to please my eyes but there’s a change at least. Let’s see if we have the grayish theme as well. Anyone?

It is meant to work with rooted phones only. Interestingly this color overhaul is capable of surviving the official updates too. You need to boot into clockwork recovery and flash the available at the source link below.


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