iPad 2 Announcement Date Leaked

January 21, 2011 at 3:54 pm

iPad 2 Announcement Date Leaked?

iPad 2 Announcement Date Leaked?

There’s nothing hidden from the sharp eyes of nerds. When backed by the sharpness of a geek mind, clever eyes sight some awesome stuff. One such case is the title of today’s news!

Guys over at a German blog noted that the calendar icon on iOS 4.3 beta says ’9′ instead of previous ’27′. They note that the original iPad was actually announced on January 27th. So the 9 can clue on the next announcement date. That is most likely to be the 9th of February.

TUAW is reluctant in believing on this date. They claim that there’s no clue on the month. But let me remind them that Apple’s product cycle spans over a year. One year of iPad’s announcement completes on 27th January giving the strongest evidence for the announcement on February 9th.

Now I can’t wait for February 9th. Either to listen to the iPad 2 announcement or to know that the rumor was totally wrong!

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