Ex. Apple Executives Predict Apple’s Fortune After Steve Jobs

March 9, 2011 at 1:57 am
Steve Jobs looking slim and ill

Steve Jobs looking slim and ill

This is the second time Steve Jobs is having some serious medical trouble. Last time he was able to recover after a liver transplant but he is sick again with no one knowing the cause of ilness. Because of his health, he was expected to be absent from Apple’s iPad 2 launch event but he made a surprise appearance there and was able to present himself as happy, healthy and kicking.

Provided his age and bad health, he might choose or be forced to step down as Apple’s CEO. After him, there are quite a few names that may take over the chair including Tim Cook, Jonathan Ive, Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall. Whoever takes over the CEO seat will have to handle world’s most innovative and robust organization. Despite the personality of the new CEO, will Apple remain the same as in the presence of Steve Jobs? Will Apple still keep on leading the market and creating standards for the industry? Ex. Senior Vice Preseident of Apple Jay Elliot thinks yes! In an article in Forbes, Jay Elliot said:

Anyone predicting doom and gloom for an Apple without Steve would do well to take a better look at the team Steve has put in place.

Although Steve Jobs has a habit of keeping an eye on everything from product design to code to prototyping, his team is well trained to do well in his absence as well. Take the original iPad launch for example, Steve was away on a medical leave for most of the time iPad was being designed and finalized. Still it proved to be a ground breaking product with millions of units sold in very early days. The whole guideline and future plans were all developed long ago in the past in Steve’s presence but still finishing an all new type of product that has reinvented the PC like the original macintosh in the absence of Steve is really an impressive fact that speaks for itself. Unless and until the winning team Steve Jobs has put together lasts, Apple will keep on innovating and leading the industry.

Not only Jay is optimistic about post-Steve Apple, our very own Woz has to say the very same thing in his own words as reported by Bloomberg. While talking to media in Singapore today, Steve Wozniak said:

“Apple will go on pretty well even if he [Steve Jobs] is not there directly.”

[Sources: Forbes, Bloomberg; Image: babymaker]

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