6 Expected Features of iPhone 5

March 25, 2011 at 10:01 pm

iPhone 5 is just around the corner, it must be out in about two months but we have not too many rumors or leaks yet. May be people are scared of what happened to Gizmodo but we have a nifty list of features that we expect to be included in iPhone 5. Though Apple won’t enhance iOS drastically as we wish but there might be significant changes to the overall product design and software. Here is a list of the features which the world is expecting iPhone 5 to have. Please note that this is not our opinion, listing these features here is because of several clues we keep getting from different sources.

  1. Additional Multi touch Gestures

  2. iOS 4.3 GM brought new multi touch gestures that included the use of 4 or 5 fingers to do several things. Like a 5 finger pinch on any app would take you to the home screen and a four finger left or right swipe would switch between the running apps. These gestures have not been released to the masses in iOS 4.3′s final release and are being tested extensively so it is very obvious that they will be coming out with iOS 5.0

  3. Lack of Home Button

  4. Don’t get started on me, let me say that iPhone 5 might not have any hardware home button on its front! When you can switch between the apps with four finger gestures instead of double clicking the home button and 5 finger pinch to the home screen, why do you need a hardware button? That’s totally right but I think it is too early for Apple to implement such a drastic hardware change. Apple might rather stick to the current design with the presence of a home button and leave this change for the next iPhone launch iteration.

  5. Slight or No Design Change

  6. Like the iPhone 3GS hardly got a design change, iPhone 5 might also get a slight or no hardware design change. You might be carrying an iPhone 5 with the same design as your iPhone 4 and your friends won’t even notice that you’ve got an iPhone 5.

  7. 1GHz Dual Core CPU

  8. As iPad 2 already features an Apple A5 chip made by Samsung, it would definitely make it there into iPhone 5. A5 features a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8(or A9?) dual core processor. According to Steve Jobs, A5 has got two time faster CPU and nine times faster GPU.

  9. 512 MB of RAM

  10. A5 has got 512MB of RAM, it has not been updated from A4, iPad 2 has it so there’s hardly a chance of RAM upgrade in iPhone 5.

  11. White iPhone 5′s Availability from Day 1

  12. As Apple has already overcommed the hurdles hindering the availability of a white iGadget with the release of white iPad 2 from day 1, this is pretty much obvious that iPhone 5 would also be available in white color from the very first day of its launch. I’ve already elaborated this point in detail, have a look.

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