An Apple a Day: Q2 Results, Steve Jobs is Watching You, iPad 3 Rumors

April 21, 2011 at 2:38 am

Q2 Results

So just how much did Apple make in the second quarter of sales?  Let’s take a look first at the expectations that Wall Street had.  The Wall Street Journal posted expectations that Apple would report $5.36 a share on $23.34 billion dollars in sales.  That’s slightly higher than their last report of $4.90 a share on $22 billion.  If those numbers are right, that’s a sales growth of 70%, which is simply astonishing.  Here’s a few things that investors were expecting:

iPhones: Unit shipments expected to jump by 86% from the same quarter last year, to 16.25 million units.

iPads: The device wasn’t available in last year’s March quarter, but analysts expect unit shipments of nearly 6.3 million in the period, according to consensus estimates.

Macs: Mac computers are expected to grow by 22% to 3.6 million units for the period. This includes the company’s desktop and laptop models.

Japan: Fears the Japanese earthquake could dent profits or margins stem from the destruction of many factories, including those believed to supply Apple or Apple’s suppliers with components.

Margins: For the quarter reported in January, Apple’s gross margin was 38.5% compared to 40.9% in same quarter the prior year.

Guidance: Right now, for the current quarter, Wall Street is expecting EPS $5.25 of  on sales of $23.82 billion.

(figures courtesy of Wall Street Journal)

Final Figures:

And now that the Q2 conference call is ended we’re getting word from the Wall Street Journal that Apple’s final figures are in.  Apple’s second quarter profit was up 95% , that number driven primarily by iPhone sales of 18.7 million units.  That’s more than double a year ago.  Apple posted a profit of $6 billion dollars up from $3.7 billion last year.  Apple also sold 4.7 million iPads, 3.8 million Macs, and iPod sales fell 17% .

Apple Tracking

Alasdair Allen and Pete Warden of broke the news today that the iPhone 4 and 3G enabled iPad are regularly tracking your movements and recording the data in a hidden file.  Your device is storing both location data and timestamps, and the reason is unclear.  They believe that it is being done intentionally, as the data is being backed up over multiple servers and device migrations.  The file is also unencrypted and unprotected in any way, making it easily visible to anyone who gets hold of your device.  Anyone with access can see where you’ve been over the last year.

All iPhones are logging the latitude and longitude with a timestamp, and saving it to a file called ‘consolidated.db’.  While this all sounds spooky, it appears that the data is not being sent to anyone else.  it’s being stored on an Apple server, and pretty much just sits there.  This kind of thing is nothing new.  Cell phone companies have always tracked this information, but it isn’t available without a court order.  What makes this different is the fact that it is clearly unprotected and available to anyone who gets hold of your phone or pad.  If you’d like to know exactly what is being tracked, Allen and Warden have put together an app that you can find here that will access that file and let you see it.

iPad 3 Rumors

Lots and lots of people are still trying to get a hold of the iPad 2, with backorders of anywhere from 1-3 weeks.  For some, they are already turning their attention to the iPad 3, rumored to make its debut in the fall of this year or early next year.  Even though Samsung and Apple are having a little bit of a legal spat at the moment, Samsung is still making parts for Apple’s products.  Samsung manufactures the processors found in the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.  Now Samsung is developing a 2GHz processor for use in a smartphone by next year.  Samsung officials claim that the new chip will have the processing capabilities of a regular PC, and could be sold under the Exynos brand of processor that they began producing in February.  Now, seeing this chip in a future apple product is pure conjecture at this point, but it is plausible that Samsung could manufacture these chips for a future line of iDevices once they’re ready.

[via Daum]

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