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(Update) Asus Eee Pad Transformer US Release Moved to April 26th

April 21, 2011 at 6:54 pm

Those of us waiting for the new Android tablet from ASUS, the Eee Pad Transformer, have a little longer to wait it appears.  Asus originally had April 6th as the release date for the hybrid netbook/tablet, but that was then pushed back to the 18th.  Citing delays in parts from Japan due to the recent disasters that wracked the country, Asus has now pushed that release back yet again.  The new date, according to Amazon UK is June 1st.  According to ZDNet there has been a limited run of the tablet available, but that stock did not last long.  We know that few people have gotten their hands on the device, because of the sporadic reviews and hands-on videos circulating around the net, but the mainstream release is still a ways off.

Asus wrote the following on its Facebook page:

“Launch date information update: Due to the fact the initial demand has been far beyond our expectations, the first 2-3 batches have entirely all sold out much quicker than we had planned. Please accept our sincere apologies for the difficulties encountered with the availability of our Eee Pad Transformer.”

Of course, this could also be a business ploy to hype the much-anticipated device a bit more.  You let a limited release out, claim it’s out of stock, and then attract more people by doing so.  “See how popular this is?  Don’t you want one too?”  Cynical, I know, but it is a possibility.  We’ll keep our eyes on this one for you and let you know about any changes.  Once the tablet hits U.S. shores we’ll have full review, hands-on, and breakdown for you so make sure to follow us onTwitter, or subscribe to our E-mail updates!


Engadget has apparently become privy to information that the US release date will be April 26th.  The price will also match what net rumors have said, netting you a 16 GB version for $399, and a 32 GB version for $499.  The keyboard dock will set you back another $149.99.  I will be picking up this wonderful gadget when it’s available so I’ll have a full review for you.  Check back with us for the updates as they roll in!

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