Apple iPhone Coming to T-Mobile USA?

April 24, 2011 at 6:40 pm

Thus far the only US carriers who can lay claim to Apple’s much beloved iPhone are AT&T and Verizon.  Today, however, we have some leaked pics via tech site BoyGeniusReport that show a white iPhone operating on the T-Mobile 3G band.  The internal model number is N94, while the Verizon model number is N92, and the standard GSM variant (AT&T) is N90.  BGR has verified that the iPhone shown is running a test version of iOS, and that it includes internal Apple test apps such as Radar, and the Apple employee directory app.  If you compare the pics, though, to the recently leaked pics of the white iPhone 4, you’ll notice they aren’t quite the same.  The proximity sensor on the retail version has changed slightly.  As for the reason behind an iPhone for T-Mobile at this juncture, it raises questions.

AT&T is still trying to get its hands on T-Mobile USA, and pending government regulatory interference they will.  I don’t hold much hope that the deal will fall through, given AT&T’s millions spent lobbying in Washington every year.  It’s possible that Apple is just using the current hardware shell to test a new radio that’s compatible with T-Mobile’s bands.  Since T-Mobile’s future is up in the air at this point, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to release an iPhone on that network at this point in time.  Regardless of what happens with AT&T, though, T-Mobile customers will no doubt get iPhone access at some point in the future.  Whether that’s an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5, only time will tell.

Photos Courtesy of BoyGeniusReport

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