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Google Makes An Announcement About Senate Hearings

May 10, 2011 at 11:28 pm

Google’s Director of Public Policy, Alan Davidson, has a new post on the Public Policy Blog.  As we reported earlier, Senate Judiciary Committee hearings have begun into mobile privacy.  Davidson says that he’ll be appearing for the hearings on Capitol Hill today, and that his full comments to the committee can be read HERE.  His brief blurb on his blog says that mobile devices are a huge benefit to our society, and used by millions of people every day.  However, they cannot be used and will not continue to be used if consumers can not trust those developing the devices and the software that powers them.  Google, to this end, has made all its information gathering services opt-in only, and any data that is collected is treated with the utmost respect and care.

Google focuses on protecting privacy throughout the entire cycle of of product development, and is particularly sensitive about location information.  They provide, in his words, “transparent information for users about what is collected; opt-in choice before location information is collected; and high security standards to anonymize and protect information. Our hope is that this becomes a standard for the broader industry.”

All of this is fairly standard fare, but if you want to hear more you can check out his comments at the link above, or watch the hearings on CSPAN.

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