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Sony PlayStation Network Comes Back Online

May 15, 2011 at 7:26 pm


In a video message this weekend, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai announced the phased restoration of the PlayStation Network following weeks of downtime due to an extensive attack by hackers.  In the recorded message, Hirai said the company has been working around the clock to restore network services to all of its users.  In addition to other compensation, Sony has said it will pick up the cost for members who want to enroll in services that offer credit monitoring, and identity protection/insurance.  These are services like LifeLock or Protect My ID.  Customers will also be offered a “welcome package,” the details of which were not disclosed.

PSN came back online for developers on Friday, followed by a phased restoration of services across the US.  As of this morning, the service map showed that it had been restored in all 50 states.  If you are still unable to access the network, Sony says to please be patient as, “it can take some time for servers to fully populate.”

A mandatory will be required when you sign in, and you’ll be required to change your password.  Your new password can only be changed via the original PS3 you signed up with, or by a validated e-mail confirmation.

Areas of Restored Service in the US

via Sony Blog

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