HTC Thunderbolt Radio Leak May Brick Your Phone

May 26, 2011 at 12:48 am

If you’re an HTC Thunderbolt owner there’s a very urgent report that you need to hear.  Recently, a ROM and radio update were leaked via XDA forums, and other sources around the net.  This was great news for a lot of Thunderbolt users who wanted an updated Sense UI and better battery life.  There’s reports now from multiple sources, though, that the leaked update is bricking devices without warning.

There’s no signs that it’s coming, it just happens.  Even days after installing the update your device can suddenly just get caught in an endless boot loop.  If this happens there is currently no fix for it, so you’re essentially left with a $250 piece of junk.  The manufacturer and your carrier will also not replace it for, as you’ve rooted the device and foregone your warranty.

If you are using the leaked ROM we suggest you immediately flash back to your stock Froyo or to another ROM like Cyanogenmod 7.  Any ROM based on the recently leaked build is prone to bricking, so again, do not use it!  Follow the source link for instructions on how to flash back to a safe ROM.

Source: XDA

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