iPhone 5 sports “radical new case design” with August release date

June 21, 2011 at 10:49 pm

iPhone 5 mockup

A “reliable source” for tech site BGR is squashing all the rumors today with a new one.  We’ve just reported to you that Apple is decreasing shipments and parts orders for the current iPhone 4, and that may be in preparation for a new iPhone release.  Rumors have put the expected release some time in September.  Why September?  September is usually the new announcement for an iPod update, but sources close to the matter are implying that Apple may actually break with tradition and has an August press event in the works.  Current rumor is that the new iPhone will only be a slight upgrade to the iPhone 4, called the iPhone 4S.  While this makes a certain kind of sense, it’s more likely that the 4S versions will be a slightly modified iPhone 4 perhaps for Sprint and/or T-Mobile.

That leaves this new rumor of an August release for what BGR’s “reliable source” is assuring everyone is really the iPhone 5.  And it won’t be just a slight upgrade to the current design, but actually feature an entirely new case design.  It’s being suggested by ThisIsMyNext that the new design will feature a teardrop shape, as shown in the image below.

iPhone 5 Mockup

The image was based on a sketch provided to an Engadget source some weeks ago.  These sketches may not be production models, either.  They could just be preliminary sketches or design concepts.  Whatever the truth may be, rumors are still swirling about the new device, and everyone is trying to make some sense of it.  I personally am betting on Apple surprising everyone with something new and  innovative, rather than just a bump up in the hardware.  Hey, it’s what Apple does, right?

Via Cult of Mac, BGR, This Is My Next

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