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Beware Of Oslo Bombing Facebook Scam

July 24, 2011 at 6:20 pm

If there’s something we know about human nature it’s that, 1, we like to see things blow up.  2, people will take advantage of any tragedy just to screw other people over.  This is the case with a new scam making the rounds on Facebook, and according to Help Net Security it’s infecting a user every second!

Oslo Security Cam Scam

A post like this one may appear on your wall, claiming that a security camera captured Friday’s explosion of a carbomb near a Norwegian government building, which killed 10 people.  No security camera footage has been made public as of yet, and this link to the video is a scam.  Sophos Security says that the link redirects you to a dummy site that mimics the Facebook Video player.  You’re then asked to take a survey, followed by a silly IQ test, and finally you’re asked to give up your phone number to get the results of your test and survey.  It’s all in good fun, right?  Then comes the kick in the balls as you’re charged $2 a question for that test four times a weeks.

Patrik Runald, senior manager of security research at Websense told Help Net Security, “Criminals know how to take advantage of disasters and the hottest news items to get people to click on infected links. Tragedy is just one type of news that the bad guys use to exploit, compromise and infect your computer. Videos are an especially popular lure; we saw the same thing when Osama bin Laden died and when Casey Anthony was acquitted.

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