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Google Maps 5.8 Brings Photo Uploads and More to Android Devices

July 28, 2011 at 1:30 am

Google has its ways to keep Apple down and the best of them is it’s awesome apps that are never alike on iPhone and iPad. Either it be gmail, maps, places, youtube or any other, you’ll find them ages ahead on Android. In the last big release, Google pushed out 3D viewing, multitouch gesture control and similar great features to Google maps for Android which never made it to iOS and this time around Google places have got lots of blessings. If you happen to be Android fanatic or an accidental Android user, you’ll now be uploading pictures of the places you visit to Google maps right from your Android phone using Google maps 5.8. Not only that, you’ll be loving to add new places if they are not already there in Google maps and ‘check-in’ there. What else could be there to keep you busy? Well, there are some descriptions of the places you search in search results and you might feel better while managing your starred places. Is that all enough? Very!

Pictures for a place - Google Maps 5.8

Add Pictures for a place - Google Maps 5.8

Add a new Place - Google Maps 5.8

Add a new Place - Google Maps 5.8

The good part of the news is that you update your Google maps from the Android Market instead of waiting for the OTA. Didn’t you know that? So hit up the following link and upgrade as you don’t event need Froyo or Gingerbread, Eclair will do just fine.

[Google Maps 5.8 via Google Mobile Blog]

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