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Samsung Galaxy S II T-Mobile Variant Rears its Head

August 8, 2011 at 6:54 pm


Oh my, what’s this I see?   That, friends, is a shot found by T-Mo News that shows a Samsung Galaxy S II Variant headed to T-Mobile.  Up until now we have heard about the 3 variants for the other US carriers, and even seen a few leaked pictures of the Sprint and AT&T variants, but T-Mobile has done a very good job hiding their variant from the public eye.  Oddly enough, not only has T-Mo News found a couple of shots, but another has surfaced via Pocket Now, which you can find below.  In the above shot you’ll notice the very clear marking “Samsung” and the Galaxy S II branding just below the T-Mobile logo.  That seems like pretty solid evidence that this is indeed coming to the magenta network when we finally see a US release date.

The recent news about the “Samsung Hercules” appears to actually be the T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy S II.  And while we still have no exact release date for the device, we expect it will be a hot seller if it can hit the market ahead of the expected September release of the iPhone 5.  With that date very fast-approaching, it would be in carrier’s and Samsung’s interest to push this device onto the US market with all haste, lest they risk losing a major portion of potential buyers to Apple.

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