Samsung Outs September Release Date of Galaxy S II in Recent Commercial?

August 24, 2011 at 4:41 pm

Could it be?

While the rest of us were busy laughing at Samsung’s silly new commercial for the upcoming Galaxy S II, the guys over at Phandroid were busy playing Sherlock Holmes, searching for clues that might turn up some shred of information on when this device will actually release.  And they may have just found it.  We know that people just enjoy hiding things.  Software developers are notorious for it, and examples of it can be seen in hidden levels, easter eggs, backdoors, etc.  HTC is fond of including release dates in press shots and ads, cleverly placed in the date and location information displayed on shots of upcoming phones.  Samsung may have just done the same things in their recent commercial spot for the Galaxy S II.

At the end of clip, the above image is shown.  If you freeze frame and take a look at the date, it shows Friday 9/9.  This is in keeping with earlier rumored dates about the SII release.  Another of Phandroid’s readers offered up that the location shown in the shot is Sprint’s HQ in Kansas City.  No official release date has been given, but Samsung is promising some big news at an event scheduled for August 29th, so we’ll likely have something more for you then.

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