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WSJ: Sprint to Begin Carrying iPhone 5 in October

August 24, 2011 at 1:52 am

A report in the Wall Street Journal today reports that the number 3 carrier in the US, Sprint, will begin selling the iPhone 5 when it is released (we believe) in October.  “Sources familiar with the matter” have tipped the Journal off to a mid-October release date, making Sprint the 3rd carrier in the US to offer an iPhone.  The new iPhone, unfortunately, will be a little too late to help out Sprint’s 3rd quarter earnings, which end in September.  It does come, however, in time for the holiday rush.  We imagine a great deal of Sprint customers are going to be very excited to hear this news.

Sprint will not be getting only the iPhone 5, though.  The Journal goes on to say that the they will also be carrying the iPhone 4, which is expected to drop in price once the new model arrives.  Rumors of a low-cost iPhone 4 have been making the rounds today, too, but no mention of them is made by the Journal.  Research analysts cited in the report also find this very exciting news, as simply carrying an iPhone will drive a huge amount of foot traffic into Sprint stores, where customers will buy high-priced accessories.

The new iPhone is expected to carry a new dual core A5 processor, and have a lighter, thinner profile, as well as enhanced camera.

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