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Amazon Tablets Could Hit as Early as September for $250

August 27, 2011 at 8:48 pm

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Amazon’s upcoming entrants in the tablet market could hit shelves as early as September.  That’s according to the New York Post’s Garret Sloane.  In the aftermath of the HP TouchPad fire sale, we’ve seen that a low-cost tablet with quality hardware certainly can succeed, but it’s no secret HP took a heck of a loss on their TouchPads.  Amazon, by comparison, has an altogether different strategy, given that they have resources HP can’t even begin to touch.  With Amazon’s online presence in the retail space with everything from apps, to books, to movies, to shopping, the world’s largest online retailer has some punch to pack with their new tablet offerings.  Amazon is widely thought to be the biggest threat to Apple’s iPad, because of the media resources they can bring to bear.

The word is that Amazon is looking to price their tablets far below the iPad’s into $500 price tag, even taking a loss on the hardware itself.  The rumored price point that we’re hearing is $250, but whether that’s for the 7 or 10-inch device is unknown.  It’s not even been confirmed that Amazon will release two devices, but hardware orders by the company seem to support that rumor.  Amazon intends to sell tablets at a loss, knowing that they can make up the revenue through purchases of apps, accessories, books, movies, and more.  In fact, if Amazon’s strategy is successful, it may actually drive some competitors out of the tablet market.  We’ll see how this develops over the coming month!

Via New York Post

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