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Apple Wants It’s 3G Prototype MacBook Back

August 31, 2011 at 4:01 pm


A short time ago we told you about a prototype MacBook with an antenna and 3G connection that was up for sale on eBay.  A man by the name of Carl Frega purchased the MacBook from craigslist, put in some of the missing hardware and got it in working order, minus the 3G connection, and a bidding war began.  The device reached upwards of $70,000 before Apple contacted Frega and asked him to take it down.

CNet is now reporting that Apple has again contacted the owner of the device, and is asking for him to return it.  When Frega originally sold the machine, that owner brought it in to an Apple Store to have them look it over and repair it.  The Apple folks would not repair the device, and issued the following as to why:

Opened machine to observe that nearly every internal part was 3rd party; main logic board, optical drive, display, hard drive, top case, and others. Machine number (W8707003Y53) is also not recognized as a valid number.
Proposed Resolution: Denied services; machine has been modified by unauthorized providers beyond repair.

The person who purchased it then demanded his money back from Frega, claiming the machine was a fake.  It wasn’t.  The eBay sale took place shortly after.  When Apple heard about the eBay sale, though, they asked for the machine back.  An examination of the machine shows that it contains Apple’s red prototype logic board, as well as a SIM card slot and an antenna.  There was no word as to whether Apple intends to compensate the owner for the device.

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