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Droid Bionic Release Date Officially Confirmed

September 6, 2011 at 3:03 am


In a new teaser video released this weekend, Verizon has officially confirmed the launch of the Droid Bionic.  It was rumored we’d see the Bionic on September 8th, and that date has proven to be true.  The video, oddly enough, seems to be Korean.  It’s been translated into english, and near the end it clearly shows the 9/8/11 release date.  Verizon has been pulling out all the stops for this product, launching a massive advertising campaign on their Droid Does page.  There’s also a scavenger hunt that began this past weekend in which you can win a Bionic, laptops, HD TVs, and other goodies.  The scavenger hunt is done via an augmented reality app which you can find in the market.  The contest runs through September 7th, the day before release.  We’ve had a chance to participate in the scavenger hunt, and it can be a lot of fun unless you’re in a busy downtown environment like New York City.  Then you’ll have some problems getting around, since the items you’re required to find can be anywhere within 1000 ft. of you.  Either way, it’s a good time and you get a chance to win free stuff.  What could be better?  Check out the video at the source link!

If you want to take a video tour of the Bionic and a whole bunch of its features, check out the Hands-on videos HERE!

via BGR

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