iPhone 5 Not Coming to T-Mobile in 2011

September 20, 2011 at 8:10 pm

A report via T-Mo News today seems to blow away any hope T-Mobile customers have of getting the iPhone on their carrier this year.  The information comes via a company memo from a town hall event held on September 15th, in which management addressed some of the positive aspects of T-Mobile’s changes in pricing plans, device offerings, etc.  Cole Brodman, Chief Marketing Officer for T-Mobile presented this information to employees, also going on to say that “We are not going to get the iPhone 5 this year.”

T-Mobile has seemed to be the last carrier considered for the new iPhone.  Despite an earlier report that T-Mobile might be getting the new iPhone, it seems we have semi-official confirmation that this is not the case.  That could be due to the ongoing legal dispute happening in Washington over the T-Mobile/AT&T merger, in which the DOJ recently sued AT&T.  If the merger does eventually take place, T-Mobile would be carrying the AT&T-branded iPhones.  It’s still believed that Sprint may be getting an iPhone this fall, but reports conflict over whether that will be an iPhone 4, or iPhone 5.

We’ll know for sure next month, when Apple is rumored to be releasing the device.  Most of the services and components are coming together, so we’re hoping the wait won’t be long.

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