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iOS 5 Features Take Centerstage at Apple iPhone Event

October 4, 2011 at 10:38 pm

Tim Cook is onstage now, talking about the new features of iOS 5!  Much of this we knew and were expecting, but there’s a lot of information to digest so let’s run through the highlights.   iOS 5 now has a release date of October 12th, not far off the October 10th date that was predicted.

  • More than 200 features
  • New Notification Center
  • Notifications on the Lockscreen
  • Swipe across notifications to go directly to the app that sent them
  • iMessage is a new service between iOS users
  • iMessage supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • iMessage can send text, photo and video
  • iMessage works over 3G and Wifi
  • iMessage is encrypted
  • iOS 5 Reminder service is a new feature
  • Create reminders and Geotag them so that they pop up when you’re in the vicinity
  • Twitter integration is very deep
  • Sign into Twitter when activate your iOS device and never sign in again
  • You can tweet websites from Safari
  • You can tweet Youtube videos
  • You can tweet locations from Maps
  • Newsstand offers subscriptions to magazines and newspapers
  • New issues can be downloaded in the background

Newstand: Image Courtesy Ars Techica Live Blog

  • New Camera App!
  • Lockscreen shortcuts to the camera
  • Volume-up button can now take photos
  • Use grid lines to line up shots
  • Place your finger on a location to autofocus on it
  • Edit photos in your camera app
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