Watch Replay of Apple’s Keynote Let’s Talk iPhone Event

October 5, 2011 at 3:36 am

Outside the iPhone Event

By now you’ve certainly heard about the new iPhone 4S, iOS5, Siri Assistant, and all the other fun stuff that Apple let loose upon the tech world this morning.  You’ve caught up on the live blogs, you’ve seen the photos, and you’ve read the reactions.  But only the privileged few actually got to watch the action as it happened.  Fortunately, the full keynote speech is now available to watch in streaming form right HERE.

So if you missed the event because of sill stuff like work, or school, you can now recap it all just like you were sitting in the front row!  The event caused havoc with servers all over the world as people tried to access everything about the happenings out of Cupertino, so you may have missed something.  It’s also your chance to see Tim Cook’s presentation and compare it to the past of Steve Jobs.  How did he do?  Were you disappointed?  Did he lack the charisma of Jobs on stage?  You decide for yourself.  Hit the link, watch the keynote, and get ready for the new iPhone.

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