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Android Ice Cream Sandwich Widgets Get Leaked

October 16, 2011 at 12:27 am

Everyone in the Android community is jacked up waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich. We’re no exception. We’ve gotten to see videos, we’ve gawked at screenshots, we’ve seen some specs for the Galaxy Nexus, and it’s now starting to appear in store inventories. All of this just a few days ahead of the big announcement that will take place in Hong Kong on October 18th/19th. And now Android Police has seen fit to tease us some more with some leaked shots of what a few of the widgets for ICS are going to look like. There’s no major overhauls here, but they do look a little more, well, Ice Creamier.


First up is the beloved Gmail. It looks pretty identical to what we see in Honeycomb, but it’s a bit more polished and a bit more refined. Sadly, AP reports that the widgets won’t actually work on a device without ICS, but you can bet once it’s released RootWiki is going to change that. If you look at the 2 images side-by-side, of Honeycomb and ICS, you’ll see that ICS seems to be lacking labels. That’s a little odd, or perhaps none of these messages had labels to begin with. One can hope.


The next is the Email widget.

Shocking. It looks just like Gmail. No surprises here folks. Move along


The new calendar widget has lost the border. AP gave it a gray background here, so you could actually see it. It’s got a little more 3D look to it, better color scheme, and some hilarity in the demo appointments.

There’s your first look, and we can hope that someone manages to dig up a little more. Remember that you have the chance to walk away with your own Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime from RootzWiki. You’ll be the coolest kid on the block with your Ice Cream Sandwich, and you hardly have to do anything at all!

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