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iOS Apple Store App Getting Big Update

November 2, 2011 at 9:07 pm

Apple Store

Apple has been at the forefront of changing the way you shop for you tech for quite a while, and if a recent report from BGR holds true, they could be on the verge of shaking up the retail world yet again.   Citinig trusted sources, BGR has gotten an exclusive look at an update for the iOS Apple Store app that could be rolling out as soon as tomorrow.  First, the new app will enable online ordering with in-store pickup, which has already started happening at some west coast Apple stores.  We’ve got some details about how this will work below.  The other big change will, supposedly, be a new option to pay online, pick up in-store, and walk right out the door with no need to stand in line to check out.

  • If you order a product through the Apple Store app, and the item is in-stock at a local retail outlet, you’ll be able to order it for in-store pick and then grab your item 12 minutes after placing the order.  That’s about how long it takes to process the order and get it ready for you to pick up.  You can then walk in, sign for your product and leave.  No waiting in line, no trip to the register.
  • If you place an order for an item that is not currently in-stock, like a customized Mac, you’ll be given a pick-up date for the item as soon as you make the purchase through your app.  There are no extra shipping charges for doing so, and once the item arrives in the store you’ll receive a push notification to come and claim it.  The same 12 minute timeframe stands for these orders.  12 minutes after the notification is sent, your item should be ready.
  • Customers who purchase through the app will be given priority over those in-store who are waiting to see a specialist.  Apple hopes that customers will trend toward using the app for purchases, thereby helping move foot traffic in the store along more quickly.
  • You’ll now have the option to return items purchased online to a retail store, rather than sending them back in the mail.
  • Hiring at Apple Stores is based on sales.  The new app will attribute sales made through the app to the store where a customers claims the item.  This will, hopefully, help to create new job opportunities at Apple Stores.  The program will only go live in the US initially, but Apple believes this will generate an additional 30% in sales for their retail stores.
  • This last bit seems a bit sketchy, so take this with a grain of salt.  Apple will, supposedly, institute a customer self-checkout feature.  After you find an item you want to purchase, you launch the iOS app and select an option to buy the item in-store.  You then scan the item’s barcode with your camera , click purchase, and it will charge the item to whatever credit card is associated with your Apple ID.  Then you just walk out of the store.  The report claims that items will not be checked at the door, which is why this seems a little fishy.
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