First Proud Owner of Galaxy Nexus in US is Steve Woz!

November 19, 2011 at 8:39 am

Apparently Google won’t let us have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the US with Android 4.0 but one lucky guy has it already. The lucky guy not only got it first of all but also had the honor of having it presented in Google’s very own headquarters right in front of the Ice cream sandwich statue. The lucky guy we are talking about is no one but … drumroll… Steve Woz!

Steve Woz with his Galaxy Nexus

Steve Woz with his Galaxy Nexus

Steve Woz is the co-founder of Apple Inc., along with Steve Jobs who passed away a few weeks ago. Woz is mostly famous for his love for technology as he waits in lines to get a new model of iPhone just for fun, while he has the test units long time before launch. This is not yet know how did this all set, either Woz wanted a Galaxy Nexus or Google decided to gift one to him but whatever the case may be, Woz went to Google headquarters according to Google employees and not only got one but also posed for a group photo with Google engineers. Google got some handsome publicity with Woz’s adventure. Steve Jobs, if alive, would have called Woz and said “What the heck Woz! I thought you were with me?” as he hated Android that much and even said he’d start a thermonuclear war over it because it was a stolen product.

I’d assume Woz only obtained it to compare with his iPhone 4S so that he could suggest stuff to Apple guys but posing for a group photo at Google headquarters was not cool at all.

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