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How To Fix iMessage Bug When Switching from iPhone to Android

January 6, 2012 at 12:00 am


Sometimes, an iOS user does the unthinkable and switches to Android. We know, fanbois may feel infuriated that such a thing could happen in this utterly sane universe in which we live, but it does. However, it appears Apple might not be too keen on that. That isn’t to say they’re at fault, because it doesn’t look like they’re intentionally punishing users who make the switch. What’s going on is that when a user who has been using iMessage, which was released in iOS 5, switches to an Android phone and takes their number with them, their number is still registered with Apple as an iPhone. It’s a bug with iMessage that doesn’t release the number from the Apple system, making iMessage think that the user is still using an iPhone. Therefore, when someone sends you a text message, it’s being sent through iMessage. Obviously, you no longer have iMessage if you’ve moved to Android, and you won’t get those texts.

The issue cropped up on the Apple support forums a short time ago, and other users with the same problem have since been chiming in to share their woe with others. A previous workaround involved completely shutting down your iMessage account, which is a bad thing if you carry both an iPad and an Android phone. Fortunately, another user going by the handle Alphonsusjude found the solution to the problem, and we’ve got it here for you too. You simply need to de-register your iPhone from your account.

  • To do this, first visit your profile support page
  • Log in with your Apple ID
  • Click on “Edit Products”
  • Click on the “X” next to the product you switched from
  • Click “Unregister”

This has been reported to work in all cases, so it should take care of you too. It’s unfortunate that Apple either hasn’t noticed this yet, or just hasn’t issued a fix. However, this will allow you to keep using iMessage with your other iDevices, and still carry an Android (or other) phone. If you’ve recently made the switch to Android, you can start using Google Talk, which is the Android equivalent of iMessage, only much more powerful. Talk allows you to communicate to anyone with a GMail account through text, voice, or video.

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