iPad 3 Features Quad Core, LTE, Says Bloomberg

January 14, 2012 at 5:00 am


An rollout of the latest iPad is expected sometime in February or March of this year, but as always this Apple product is cloaked in secrecy. Rumors have, of course, been all over the place as to what we can expect to see. The only real known factor is an enhanced Retina display, but the iPad 3 is expected to be only a slight update to the iPad 2, as was the case with the iPhone 4S. Some new information from Bloomberg is shedding light on what else the world’s most popular tablet might be packing, though, and one of those may finally be an LTE connection. That will be a first for an Apple product.

Citing 3 independent sources, Bloomberg has revealed that the iPad 3 will be hitting the market in March, and not on Steve Jobs’ birthday, as was previously rumored. The device will host an enhanced Retina display, which has been all but confirmed. What type of resolution we can expect, though, is still unknown. Also new this year will be Apple’s rumored A6 quad core processor, and is also expected to be LTE-enabled. That’s according to “three people familiar with the product”. This also follows Verizon’s recent announcement that LTE is now a hardware requirement of all new devices on their network.

The report out of Bloomberg claims its information comes from Apple’s manufacturing partners in Asia, a list of which was released earlier today. Those sources also state the production of the next iPad is underway, with full volume production expected to begin in February. Apple CEO Tim Cook is said to be counting on this new model to ward off increasing competition from other tablet makers, most of whom have opted for Google’s Android platform. Tablet competition has become very heated, with models ranging from 7″ to 10″, in a variety of price ranges. One of the biggest threats to the iPad’s dominance has come from the very recently-released Amazon Kindle Fire, though reviewers have stated that it is far from an iPad killer. In a world crammed with new tablets every day, the only real iPad killer could be the next iPad.

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