iPad 3 Leak Shows Quad Core Processor, LTE

February 1, 2012 at 11:18 pm

iPad 3 Leaks via BGR

Another day, another iPad 3 rumor, but these ones look fairly likely. According to insider ninjas from BGR these shots were leaked from a developer version of the iPad 3, which has been rumored to launch in the very near future. That device has a lot of wannabe tablet owners salivating for Apple’s latest gadget. As with all things Apple, rumors of specs and release details should be taken with a heavy grain of salt. This leak from BGR, though, is said to have come from a source working on the development of the iPad 3. The information was pulled with a debugging tool called iBoot, which is used by developers to diagnose and debug code.

The model numbers show 2 devices. The first is, presumably, a wifi-only model, while the second indicates an onboard LTE radio that’s good for LTE networks world-wide. The images show those model numbers as J1 and J2, and indicate the iPad 3.1 and iPad 3.2. Both devices will carry the new A6 quad core processor, marked by the designation S5L8945X. For reference, the designation for the A4 and A5 processors are S5L8930X and S5L8940X, respectively. This new processor would make the new iPad the fastest Apple gadget in the world, which is what we expected.

We do know that iPad 3 production has already begun, and that Foxconn is looking to build 5 new iPhone factories in Brazil. Recent code digging in the iOS 5.1 code has also hinted at an A6 processor. There’s plenty of rumor to back up the latest claims, but little solid fact. Still, it’s been anticipated that this year’s releases of Apple iDevices will include LTE and beefed up processors, which Apple has been reluctant to introduce thus far. What is not mentioned in the leak, though, is whether the new Retina displays we’ve been hearing about will find their way into the iPad 3.

iPad 3 Leak via BGR

iPad 3 Leak via BGR

iPad 3 Leak via BGR

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