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MIT students hack a building to play Tetris

April 24, 2012 at 11:37 am

MIT students hacked a building at their campus and played Tetris with it. The game started with scrolling “Tetris” and ended with all the blocks falling on the ground. Players were able to rotate, move and speed-drop the blocks using the controls located at some distance.

The Earth and Planetary Sciences department building at MIT, called Green Building (Building 54) is an 18 story building with large single pane windows, making it a perfect 9 x 18 dot matrix grid attracting the attention of creative hackers at the institute. They wired the building to light the windows into Tetris blocks. The game had two levels, the second level had pale colors making it more difficult to identify the blocks.

Tetris on building (MIT)

Tetris on building (MIT)

This is not the first time Green Building has been hacked for an interactive display, in 1993 top floor windows were used to display a VU meter for a traditional 4th of July concert. In September 2011 the building displayed a waving flag with the help of 153 custom-made high-power color-changing LEDs in remembrance of the September 11th attacks.

Here’s a video of the Tetris game play at Green Building:

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