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Samsung Galaxy S GPS Fix in the works

Here comes some comforting news for the Samsung Galaxy S users who have been troubled by the unfortunate GPS issues. Samsung has officially acknowledged the GPS problem and is working to eradicate the issue. Tweets from Samsung official twitter accounts have led to this good news which no doubt will be a sigh of relief […]

Droid Incredible gets a rumored release date for Froyo

Can I have attention of all the Droid Incredible owners out there – it seems that your waiting days for the Froyo update are finally over. According to Mashable sources inside Verizon, the Droid Incedible will be getting the Android 2.2 update starting from 18th August. Even though the release date is yet to receive official […]

Leaked: Android 2.1 update for Dell Streak (Video)

A wave of happiness has ran among the Dell Streak users as the Android 2.1 update for their 5 inch screen Tablet has leaked out. Why should they be excited you ask? Imagine using a Tablet powered by the no longer in demand Android 1.6 and you will know why. Video demo of the Eclair update […]

Asus prepping an Android powered Eee-Pad Tablet

Like many others, BestBuy is also working on an Android powered tablet, why should Asus be left out of the growing Tablet bandwagon. This is exactly what Asus folks have thought as they unveiled their plans for the Tablet market. Jerry Shen, CEO of Asustek while talking to the reporters disclosed that the company is working […]

Samsung Epic 4G Release Date Announced

The question which has had you pondering for a while has finally been answered. Sprint has finally unveiled the release date for its next big Android sensation – Samsung Epic 4G. Sprint is looking to roll out QWERTY version of Samsung Galaxy S on 31st August which happens to be Tuesday. With this device, Sprint […]

US Cellular to Unleash HTC Desire on 27th August

The wait is finally over for the United States folks waiting impatiently to get their hands on the all powerful HTC Desire. US Cellular will start selling the Android sensation from 27th August. This will be US Cellular’s second Android handset and in my opinion the best Android device to come out of the regional […]

Rumor: BlackPad (Blackberry Tablet) to be powered by Android

Boy, you just can’t keep DigiTimes out of the rumor industry. The ever vocal blog has come up with yet another rumor with RIM folks being the center of Attention. Rumor has it that the BlackPad, the Canadians’ answer to the iPad is going live somewhere in November. Digitimes has revealed that Quanta Computer will be […]

Best Buy working on an Android Tablet

Well Well Well, what we have here. Best Buy is thinking, infact Best Buy’s brand Rocketfish is working on an Android Tablet. Is this a surprise or what? For Android Tablet followers it is not since they have become accustomed to seeing unexpected and new entrants into the Tablet market. Based on the tablet images […]

Netflix for Android in the works

Uptil now, iPad nation has been lucky enough to get their platform specific app to watch streaming multimedia content on the HD quality screen. iPhone and Android users are still waiting for their native app. Well, things are about to change for the Android folks according to the information disclosed by a Netflix employee. The […]

China Unicom to sell WiFi enabled iPhone 3GS from 9th August

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Cupertinos will start selling the WiFi enabled iPhone 3GS from next week with China Unicom folks performing the carrier duties. This news shouldn’t come as a surprise for all since Apple got the government clearance back in May and were only waiting for the network access license to start […]

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