James Cushing

James Cushing is the editor-in-chief of He is an Android nut who has wired his home and life to a number of Google devices, and absorbs any and all Android info. James lives in Copper Oaks Indianapolis and loves Super Bowl.
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Owaeis N.

Owaeis is a geek, a gadget freak and the founder of He writes about Apple, Android, Microsoft and everything between them. Owaeis always has some great tips and tricks to share.
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Bella Awais

A Disney lover and the creative mind behind everything great you see from GiDMiD network. The most passionate member of’s team involved in looking after of technical stuff. Bella is a cool designer and a competent programmer having skills in various programming languages. Well, that’s not all, she loves writing about all the geeky cool new gadgets too!
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Jean Gatt

Jean Gatt is a 17 year old guy from a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta. He loves Apple gadgets; jailbreaking and hacking them is his best hobby.Jean is currently on a study leave and would be back soon.
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Adam Walters

Adam Walters is from a small town in Ohio, but he currently resides in Portland, OR. At the moment, he is studying environmental studies at Portland State University, but video gaming has always been an avid hobby of him. In the past, Adam has written about green gadgets, but left to pursue the meaning of life. It was never found, so he is back on the writing scene to produce quality content here on
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Ali Sheikh

Ali is a software engineer and an avid blogger.
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Hamza Zafar

Hamza is a telecommunication engineer, tech blogger, mobile app developer, content writer, gadget freak and lots more!
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